The Department carries out research at the highest level in many areas of Engineering and Science areas related to Engineering, with partnerships and funding from European and international networks. These skills, in whole and in each of the areas, allow a high integration in large-scale projects of national and international research. The attention paid to technological issues and applications ensures an even more relevant role, of individuals and of the Department as a whole, in transferring innovation of processes and products to the world of manufacturing and services sectors in industry and public bodies.

Further information, may be found at the Sections websites:

Within the Department, several research groups carry out daily activities in many scientific fields. These groups perform activities within specific research topics, possibly working on financed projects and set up common unit of reference for the purpose of scientific production. Each research team has one or more laboratories accessible to their use, specified hereunder.

Research Groups by Section:

  • Applied Electronics
    • Acoustoelectronics, Biolab3, Digital Signal Processing, Multimedia and Optical Communications, Electrochemistry, Electrodynamics of Matter, Applied Electromagnetics, Electrotechnics, Optics.
  • Computer Science and Automation
  • Civil Engineering
    • Hydraulic and Coastal Constructions,  Hydrology, Geotechnics, Hydraulics, Road Infrastructures, Structures, Transports.
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    • Power Converters, Electrical Machines and Drives, Technical Physics, Aeronautical Engineering, Measures, Quality, and Production Engineering, Engineering and Safety of the Mines, Macchine a fluido e conversione dell’energia, Internal Combustion Engines Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power System, Mechanical and Machine Design, Materials Science and Technology.

Laboratories by Section:

Research Grants

The Research Grants are fellowships granted to conduct research, typically (but not necessarily) credited to researchers who have already earned a PhD, also with the aim of promoting the development of specific skills.

The public competitions for fellowship are issued by the Department every four months, tentatively in March, June, October. The grant lasts one year with the possibility of renewal.

The research areas are Applied Electronics, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Automation, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Physics and Chemistry. Research activities take place at the Department of Engineering, where all laboratories are situated.

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